Monday 15 June 2015

My collaboration for Miffy's 60th Birthday - Jane Foster

I've been commissioned to make 60 Miffy items to celebrate Miffy's 60th Birthday on 21st June 2015. Here are some of my 60 handmade items I've been making here in my studio over the past few months. These will be available to buy on Sunday 21st June 9am onwards (UK time) from my website here.
I've made 20 limited edition purses, bags and cushion covers.


Dotty Jo said...

Always a big fan of Miffy... Who it turns out is 10 years older than I am! I have a treasured Miffy book from the seventies. Jo x

Charlotte said...

Hello Jane,
We were so busy checking out of the hotel we stayed at in order to make the "Miffy the movie" celebration that I missed the start of the sale 😢 Will you be making ANY more cushions at all??? Yours hopefully, charlotte
PS LOVE them all!