Thursday 21 May 2015

New Screen Printed Scandinavian Dolls and Doll Kits by Jane Foster

I've finally got round to screen printing my new Scandinavian style Russian dolls! Here they are below, available here. I really enjoyed designing these - you can buy them as a kit to make the mum and four children or you can buy the larger red and yellow ones ready made.

My handmade quilts / bedspreads past and present - Jane Foster

Some of you probably don't know that I've loved making the odd quilt / bedspread over the past few years. As I've a huge passion for vintage and retro fabrics, you might like to have a look at the vibrant, multi coloured snap shots here below. I also have a Pinterest site here dedicated to my quilts and created a board for Pinterest to show fabulous quilts made by some of the world's fabulous quilt makers around the world, which others can pin to. Do have a look as there are over 400 examples and  over 600,000 followers!

The Miffy photos below some of the dolls quilts I've made. My Fun With Fabric book shows how I make my easy vintage quilts / bedspreads and cushions.