Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My day in Porthleven, Cornwall - Jane Foster

My partner and I took a spontaneous trip to Porthleven yesterday. We'd not been there before and once we we there we fell in love with the area and the wonderful light. Here are a few snap shots I took. My heart skipped a beat when we came across a wonderful old guy (who'd lived there all his life) who collects old life buoys and other old fishing bits and bobs. He sold me a few which I've added to my growing collection outside the studio - gives me the feeling of having a coastal garden.
I especially loved the light in Porthleven and all the little cottages, granite Georgian houses and cute little cafes and galleries.


Tracey said...

Always went on trips there as a child, remember it being such a great place, and doesnt look like it has changed much, still have a bracelet brought from there made out of local shiny stones!! What a great day trip x

Dotty Jo x said...

Thanks for a 'virtual trip' to this lovely place, Jo x

guillermina kelly said...

I wish I could visit that place!! Beautiful