Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Publication Day! Two large format baby board books by Jane Foster

I'm pleased to announce it's the UK publication day of my two new larger baby board books published by Templar. Brown Bear Colour Book and Stripy Tiger Pattern Book. I've a few copies that I can sign available direct from me here. You can also buy them on Amazon and other shops around the UK. Here are some snap shots - these make great interactive books for babies and toddlers.


Alison Viney said...

they are lovely and perfect

Jane Foster said...

Thank you Ann!

mrsrobinson said...

So colourful and cheery! love the layers of the flower...

Uouo Uo said...

great work

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good job Beautiful! :)

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Jodie Smith said...

Lovely books, beautiful illustrations!

Jodie, A Textile Perspective :) x

myfanwy evans said...

Beautiful Jane, really lovely to see how your work has developed over the years and how your hard work has achieved so much.

Kind regards

Jacob William said...

Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.