Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jim's DIY screen rack

Jim's spent the last few days making a wonderful handy rack to store all our silk screens. They've been stacked on the floor up until now so he's made a large structure for all the various size screens and it's great. He's going to paint it white, add castors and make the long flat side a notice board.
We now have to rent this studio forever as I've a feeling it won't fit through the door!


k.lara said...

I´m shy to write, but I´m a big fan of what you´re doing. We already moved to a new flat (in a house from 1892), where we restored painted ceilings and also wanted to refresh our girls room. We didn´t find any wallpaper which would fit so big walls, so we decided to paint it by ourselves. I used designs I love - yours. I hope you won´t worry and also hope that you will do wallpapers one day. Thank you for your work, it´s very inspiring. Klara

Jane Foster said...

Thank you Klara! Would love to see your walls! x

k.lara said...

You´re welkome, I´m glad I found your blog few years ago! A piece of it here: http: