Thursday, 18 October 2012

John Burningham

I've developed into a real fan of John Burningham's children's books and often find myself choosing them to read to my daughter at bedtime. Some are really quite odd and funny and appeal to adults as much as they do children. I love 'Come away from the water, Shirley' (1977) and 'Time to get out of the bath, Shirley' (1978). I managed to find a large book all about his life and work and it's now become one of my favourite book to dip into. Here are some photos from it. Are there any other fans of his out there?

Monday, 15 October 2012

A super Etsy Purchase

My daughter recently started school for the first time so I wanted to treat her to a new friend as she's found it quite tough leaving me in the mornings - I found this superb doll maker on etsy who has a shop here called Krakracraft. Polly absolutely adores her and loves the heart that fits in her pocket. (I think I need to buy myself one too as I've also found the mornings hard!)