Thursday, 19 April 2012

My vintage cushions on Pinterest

Have really enjoyed uploading photos of the vintage cushions I've made over the past years. (Have many more to add!) Take a peep here if you're a fabric geek like me! (These are some of my favourite 50s fabrics)


Modern Country Lady said...

Hi Jane, love your work! Just a note of caution maybe- if you would put a watermark or a title on your pictures,they are more difficult to copy.I am myself on Pinterest ( bven pinned a few time s) -it is a huge site and there are some issues with copyright somtimes, better be safe than sorry.You could use to add your title of your cushion or your name to the pciture, this might deter people!
Have a great week.
Modern Country Lady Blog
My Aunt Agatha on Etsy

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Have been having fun repinning some of your gorgeous photos, but yes I think it's worth protecting them in some way - I've been adding your name as a credit to the descriptions, but others may not bother and then they will get repinned over and over (cause they're so lovely!) and the connection to you may get lost. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images though! Rachel x

Jane Foster Blog said...

Thank you both for this advice! I really appreciate it.

Gordon Whistance said...

Just so you know....
I often lift pictures to add to design sheets I do for clients. If I can't add the picture I sometimes don't bother and go elsewhere.