Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nautical theme going on in Jane Foster's home

I'm noticing an increasing nautical theme going on in our home - we've been visiting our wonderful Devon beaches most weekends and I love looking for the various shells, striped pebbles and tumbled glass one can find. Our dream would be to one day live by the sea but because we don't, we've created a beach style deck here instead where I imagine the sea is just beyond our back gate! We've painted our new shed white and added a shallow shelf for my daughter's and my striped pebble and shell collection. (But I'm not allowed to make Scandinavian flowery curtains when it gets a window!)

My partner Jim's boat on the sideboard

Seaside poster above our fireplace

Old galvanized buckets with grasses in

An old orange buoy found on the beach

Our new pebble shelf on the new shed

My striped pebble collection from Torcross

Scallop shells from Hallsands

Small glass bottles of found tumble glass from Hope Cove beach


Soos_green said...

gorgeous - loves the stripy stones...

Gillian said...

I love the fresh, retro feel of your photos. The print and white vase are especially gorgeous.

barnigjendesign said...

Its so delicate and nice.
Just love it!

Lindsay said...

Love the nautical poster - where did you get it from?

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

I've been lusting after that poster since seeing it on Alice Apple's Flickr ages ago, can't track it down anywhere! love the look of your pebble shelf. :)

Tracey said...

I always do that , desperate to live by the sea but live in London so need to surround myself with my sea finds, yours are lovely.