Thursday, 2 June 2011

My partner's art - Jim Palmer

I've never done a blog feature on my partner's art but since he's been sorting some of his larger canvases out today, I couldn't resist showing you these. I've always said he's the 'real artist' in our household even though he hasn't painted for a while.


alice apple said...

These are amazing Jim, I'd love to see more x

Dominique said...

Hello Jane...just found out about your blog through another one and I am happy to have found you. I really love your graphic designs!
I have always been in love with fabric, have also done textile designs while i was living in Australia. When i came back to canada thought it would be something to do as well...but did not turned out like i expected.
But never lost my love for fabric and designs.

Will loof forward to follow you!


JIm's painting are beautiful.

krafty kat said...

He's so talented!

Jopsy said...

gosh! those are excellent!