Monday, 18 April 2011

Dick Bruna book shelf collection

Am still adding to my Dick Bruna book collection - my latest one has it's original library card still in it! They fit nicely into my Dutch Tomado shelves.


Alita said...


Jopsy said...

fab! i have a lovely pile of these too-collected over the years

Sarah said...

Dick Bruna is awesome! I live in his hometown where we have the Dick bruna museum and we've seen him ride his bike to his studio every once in a while :D
Since we're having a baby we started collecting Miffy-stuff and our finest in the collection is the Chinese version of Miffy books.

Love your style!



night owl said...


B. Streetman said...

Gorgeous. Makes me want a baby to read to again!


Oh i'm so jealous!

'animal farm' was my favourite book as a child. I used to get my dad to read it every night. Each page he would make the noise of the animal. When we got to the picture snail he used to lick my cheek and think he was hilarious!