Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bright vivid cushions for Spring

I love bright colours for Spring - these are the cushions I've made to brighten up the living room - will soon be adding more to my site.
The 60s Kandya sideboard in the background was a recent ebay find - we now have three as we love them! This one had plain brown doors but we luckily had two original painted ones from another Kandya cupboard in the same range that fitted perfectly. The other two sideboards came from Brighton Boot Fair years ago.


alice apple said...

So cheerful for the spring! Its so funny, we have the same "Thomas" coffee set but in blue, in our cabinet too!

Jessica May said...

Lovely cushions, I want to buy one of your 50s fabric cushions soon! And lovely sideboard and all the bits and bobs displayed in it!

Jane Foster Blog said...

My parents had Thomas china when I was a child - just the plain white version of this - I always liked the simplicity of it. I've had this china stuffed in a cupboard just waiting for a cabinet like this to come out in! (I still don't know where some of my other china I've hoarded will go!)

Emma Reynolds said...

Hi Jane!

I love your bright bold work, especially your cats and the middle yellow pillow on this post.

I am from Totnes too! I moved to Manchester to study Illustration with Animation at Uni, and I am now based up here.
Great to know of you!
Take care,