Saturday, 17 April 2010

Miniature child's dresser renovation

I picked up this cute miniature child's dresser for £5 in Dartmouth last week and have just added my own touch to it with the spotty Cath Kidston paper! My little girl will be excited when she wakes up any time now!! It's quite probable that I'll enjoy it as much as she will!

60s Heals fabric cushions

Although I've been working on a new screen printing project, I'm still enjoying making cushions. The three on the sofa are Heals fabrics from the 60s. Will probably be listing them on my Etsy site later.

50s Tomado lamp?

I recently bought this red metal lamp that I know nothing about but can only guess it's from the 50s and could be Dutch. It reminds me of my 50s Tomado shelves and sewing box (pictured also in the photo). Can anyone out there fill me in?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Orla Kiely renovation project and Arkana chair

I found this old 70s foot stool at the recycling centre for £3 and re-covered it with some Orla Kiely pears fabric. I was lucky to find this original 60s Arkana chair at Totnes market at closing time last Friday. No-one else had wanted it!

60s music book illustrations

Although these books are a bit before my time, (but sadly not a lot!) I love the illustrations in them. They're old Time and Tune books from the 60s. I remember some very similar when I was in the juniors. I used to be a music teacher before getting into art and fabric. It was these type of books that probably first inspired me to become a music teacher - I had a fabulous teacher who sang and played the guitar to us - mostly Bob Dylan and Joan Baez! When I came across these by chance, I had to buy them! They've brought back such fond memories.