Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Retro bent ply artists desk

Am about to part with my unusual retro bent ply artists desk as I've no real room for it anymore.
Thought I'd take some photos first as it's quite an unusual design.


Jessica May said...

Wow it's fab! When you say 'part with' do you mean eBay?

forty four said...

exactly what I was wondering! or do you already have a buyer for it?

Emma said...

if it is ebay then you'll have competition for it!! ;)

Sisters Guild said...

yes, just where and how are you parting with this desk?

Shai said...

I want to have a work space like that. White is my favorite color and
i would love to have my own place of work that could feel me unwind.

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julie said...

definitely interested in it too! :)
just found your blog / shop & i'm so happy!