Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Vintage Clothkits dolls dress

Found this vintage Clothkits dolls dress at a local car boot sale which is perfect for the Clothkits doll I designed.


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

OMG, how cute is that. I always see the fabulous things people pick up at garage sales and so on - where do I find the people that sell these things??? lol.

Cris Chiosini said...

Olá, Jane.
Sou uma grande fã - adoro o seu trabalho !
Essa boneca ficou muito linda, e o vestido está perfeito.

karura said...

Hello Jane.
How much is your doll? I love her, she is just gorgeous!!

Jane Foster Blog said...

I designed this doll for the new re-launched Clothkits. You can buy a kit to make her from the Clothkits website.

Sarah said...

Wow, I just sold my 70's one and clothes on Ebay!

Sarah x

sew obsessed said...

Wow this dress brings back memories. I had a clothkits doll when I was younger I wish I had it now to pass on to my daughter. I have no idea what happened to it.
I intend to buy one of your kits to make for my daughters first birthday.

En støvel og en sko said...

Hi Jane,
I bought the doll kit for my daughter for Christmas. It is so lovely. I recommend it to everybody! This dress is particularly cute.
Love, Solvi

Dotty Jo said...

Wow Jane, I love that dress - what a great find! I also love your dolls and all the things that you have designed for Clothkits. Now I have a sweet little niece I can't think of anything I'd rather buy for her than one of your lovely dolls! Jo x

Sue said...

Oh, memories. I had a Cloth Kitty doll with that outfit. It came with a blouse and dungarees too. I also had a wardrobe set of clothes with a fruit theme. They fit my Sasha doll too. Bet my mum's still got them somewhere.

Thanks for reviving a tresured memory.
Sue x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Jane
I have just stumbled across your blog whilst I was searching for vintage Galt toys..
Your clothkit doll is so nostalgic .. I was a 60's child and loved the graphics of that era.. still do. One of my most treasured possessions is a Clothkits Cat cushion that my mother made for me in the 60's. I must send you a photo!