Thursday, 25 February 2010

60s Heals Op art fabric and 50s cushions by Jane Foster

Am desperate to show you some new designs I've been working on but I can't until they're in the shops for legal reasons. I can however show you fabric items I've also been making.
More vintage fabric cushions - can make these to order so please let me know if you'd like one. My first photo shows some amazing 60s Op Art Heals fabric designed by Neil Bradburn called 'Contour' which I was tempted to make into a bed cover but have now decided to sell as I like white duvets instead with coloured cushions on.


missy_minzy said...

Hey Jane,
Those are very pretty! I love them all! The variety of colors excite me. Well done! :) Irene

naughty agapanthus said...

Hi Jane
I read your blog all the time and I saw this listing on etsy and thought of you!

Judy from Australia

Pilgrim Lee said...

wow! i think i need to have that floral cushion cover in the third picture. it would look so good on my bed!