Thursday, 5 November 2009

Dove brooches for Christmas

Have been making more of my screen printed felt Dove brooches for Christmas. Each measures 7cm at the widest point. Available from my website in three colours - deep green, light green and orangey red.


ina said...

ohhh, they are so beautiful!!! do you think they can fly to germany?!?!
lots of love

Jane Foster Blog said...

They can fly to Germany and anywhere else!!

Aalina Eden said...

wao thats really nice good look brooch

Vintage Brooches

Vintage Brooches said... is really looking veru beautiful brooch. I would like to gift it my friend. Can you please tell me how can i buy it.

Becca said...

They are b e a utiful Jane, do you have any compact mirrors with fabric on the back?
Lots of love,