Thursday, 22 October 2009

Miffy with train cushions

Here are two more Miffy cushions I've made today.


Ein støvel og ein sko said...

Hi Jane,

I love these Miffy cushions. I discovered Miffy when our first daughter was born. My husband, who is Dutch, had many Miffy books and toys from when he was little and we received Miffy absolutely everything from relatives in Holland.

I visit your blog often, but this is the first time I write a comment. Just wanted to say that I love the colours in your home. The pictures are such an inspiration and I hope we get to see lots more.

Yesterday I ordered some Clothkits items with your design from the extremely helpful Kay. I can't wait to receive them.


Jane Foster Blog said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - they mean a lot to me! x

our little love nest said...

These are adorable!

lilie said...


Kagziexports said...

I can't stop myself from buying these cushions