Sunday, 20 September 2009

Gordon and his glockenspiel

Here's a great 60s children's book that I re-discovered today whilst having a sort out. I love the pictures.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

They're great...very expressive!
OH...I have a Giveaway for one of my original Art pieces over at my blog...head on over and never know!


Melissa Mander-Jones said...

Oh my goodness I have just discovered your wonderful work and found your blog and web site. Having moved to England from Sydney over a year ago- I am still 're-discovering' all the childrens books I have brought over for our 3 kids- this one was a favourite! It's brought back lovely memories thanks!

Melissa said...

Oh and p.s -Your work is divine!
I come from a family of lovely artists and art teachers and I onsending your links to Aust.
I am just going back to drool some more!There will be an order coming!

DottyJo said...

... and Gordon is a red head! How cool is that! Jo x