Wednesday, 26 August 2009

David Whitehead 50s fabrics

Here are some 1950s magazine adverts of David Whitehead fabrics. I often use these as a resource for finding out the exact names of who designed what as none had selvedge names.


Janne said...

Excellent stuff. I know the Terence Conran pattern in the background there, but I thought it only existed on tableware.

Tailor at Large said...

Hi there - I have about 4 metres of a David Whitehead fabric and have been wondering about it's lineage (I got it at an antiques market, loved it so much, but still haven't decided what to do with it!!) - I've used it as the background on my website and blog ( ; - if you have any info I'd be most interested. I love the bold prints of these vintage fabrics. I collect a lot of vintage buttons and buckles too - often so much more interesting than modern ones. :-)

Jane Browm said...

I love these old fabrics, such great designs