Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Swedish apples and 50's street scene

Here are two cushions that I've made from fabrics I've just had the fortune to find. The apples fabric is vintage Swedish cotton and the street scene is from the 50's. These will also be available from my website. (The doll is the doll I designed for Clothkits)


J. Christina Huh said...

I love apple patterns. My favorite has to be the Marimekko Omena pattern. Found a pair of Converse-esque shoes covered with the pattern post-season. I adore them!

nath said...

i still want to know how you're managing to turn out all these amazing creations with a tiny person at your feet. i mean, HOW?!

Jane Foster Blog said...

I work until midnight and I'm lucky as she goes to bed at 7pm! She also still sleeps once in the day.
p.s. I admit, I am often tired but I enjoy what I do and I'd rather work late so i can spend time with my daughter when she'd awake.

nath said...

well, i am in awe of your amazing productivity. bravo!

modernemama said...

I love your designs for the new Clothkits. Somewhere in the toybox we have an original 80s fabric doll- it brings back happy memories