Friday, 5 June 2009

50s shelving Tomado

I always like it when blogs show photos of peoples homes so am gradually going to include more snap shots around my home. Here are some of the 50's Dutch Tomado shelves we collect - they are in several rooms including the bedroom - I love the colours.


Tabiboo said...

Hi Jane,

I have never heard of Tomado shelving though they do look pretty cool!!

The thing that did catch my eye was all your lovely colourful things you have on them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

Fabric Nation said...

Lovely distraction! I love that Bick Bruna book too. I got a copy at the Miffy exhibiiton in the Museum of Childhood. I was blown away by his screen prints and lovely pics of him working.

nath said...

lovely. the shelves are laden with choice items. more peeks into your home please!

mihai said...

Hi there.
A grate post, i like those 50's shelves. I have some old shelves at my home too, and my friends likes them. From your shelves i like mostly that puppet.
Thanks for your post.